What makes Greece the best option to gain a european residence permit

In this article we will tell you about all possible ways to obtain a gold visa for you and your family through the acquisition of real estate.

If you dream of a house in the always sunny and warm Greece, if you want to expand your borders and those of your children and parents, if you want to enjoy a European passport and visa-free travel in Schengen countries, then this blog is for you!

How can my family get a residence permit in Greece?

In this blog we will talk about all the information you need to know

As we told in our previous blog, the difference between a simple and a “golden visa” is the fact that a golden visa is not a visa at all. This name implies the granting of a residence permit for investments in the economy. The term “golden visa” appeared in the EU in 2013 when state programs for obtaining a residence permit through real estate investments were issued and one its most valuable benefits is that it grants rp to all members of the immediate family.

What are the advantages of Greece?

In this article we will give you a brief list of 11 advantages one gains for getting a golden visa, investing and residing in Greece, Europe’s last “undiscovered” paradises. We could say much more than just 11 reasons to live here, but we will just give you a taste.