What makes Greece the best option to gain a european residence permit

In this article we will tell you about all possible ways to obtain a gold visa for you and your family through the acquisition of real estate.

If you dream of a house in the always sunny and warm Greece, if you want to expand your borders and those of your children and parents, if you want to enjoy a European passport and visa-free travel in Schengen countries, then this blog is for you!

What is a “golden visa” and what is its difference with a regular visa ?
Let’s first get some facts straight, “golden visa” is not an actual visa. The difference between a simple and a “golden visa” is that a golden visa is not a visa at all. This name implies the granting of a residence permit due to an investment in real estate. In fact, it is more correct to call this document a “golden” residence permit. A traditional type of visa is a document that allows a one-time visit to a country or a community of states (for example, the European Union).

What makes Greece’s golden residence permit appealing?
The program for obtaining a gold residence permit through real estate investments was launched in 2013 and ever since the demand for real estate and this immigration program has been skyrocketing. Specifically, the growth in demand for real estate in Greece – compared to other countries of the European Union — is due to

  1. the minimum amount of investments (Greece 250.000, Spain 500.000, Portugal 350.000, Malta 350.000)
  2. a large percentage of the success of obtaining a residence permit (*data retrieved from Enterprise Greece)
  3. the prices on real estate is still 30% less than the prices of the pre-crisis period in 2008
  4. continuous tourism growth
  5. nice weather, sunshine through 300 in a year, best beaches in the world, welcoming people, fresh and tasteful local food

What are the advantages of a residence permit in Greece?
It is a common knowledge that by obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain, Greece, Portugal or Malta you get permission to move freely within the Schengen zone

But let’s examine what are the unique benefits of acquiring a golden residence permit in Greece:

  • No permanent residence requirement
  • All family members can get a residence permit within 2-3 months
  • Alternative place of residence, personal security, capital security
  • Good medical care
  • Social and political security
  • Parents and children (up to 23) can get a residence permit with an investor
  • Applicants who live permanently in Greece for seven consecutive years can apply for citizenship
  • Legal withdrawal and storage of capital in European hard currency
  • Low crime rate