How can my family get a residence permit in Greece?

In this blog we will talk about all the information you need to know

As we told in our previous blog (insert link here of blog 1), the difference between a simple and a “golden visa” is the fact that a golden visa is not a visa at all. This name implies the granting of a residence permit for investments in the economy. The term “golden visa” appeared in the EU in 2013 when state programs for obtaining a residence permit through real estate investments were issued and one its most valuable benefits is that it grants rp to all members of the immediate family.

One of the biggest advantages of getting a Golden Visa in Greece is that for real estate investments from only € 250,000, one can provide all members of the family with a golden residence permit within 2-3 months, unlike other European programs in other countries that give a golden visa for only several members of the applicant’s family.

More specifically, as soon as the applicant receives a Golden Visa (and therefore a residence permit), he/she is immediately secures R.P. entitlement to spouse, all applicant’s children (under 23), his/her parents, and his spouse’s parents.

Moreover, after receiving a gold residence permit, your children are allowed to enroll in greek schools, universities and european universities and live in any European country or in a country where real estate is up to 28 years old.

The only restriction to the Greek program of the golden residence permit is the non-envisaged right to work.

When can my family obtain permanent residence permits?

After receiving a residence permit and provided that you own a property worth 250,000, you can extend a residence permit every 5 years, without living in Greece.
But if you want to get permanent residence, then you need to live permanently in Greece for seven years.