Building Management

We have the ability fully cover the management of your building. Weaponized with a sense of responsibility, immediate support, and the constant modernization of our services we have built a trusting relationship with an increasing amount of buildings and their respective tenants.

If you choose us to manage your building, here’s what we offer:

Technical support

Our technical support includes contacting and coordinating our partners for repairs, cleaning and maintenance of the premises. Every month we refill the building’s heating fuel and gauge consumption for full transparency between our tenants.

Collecting building’s common expenses from tenants

Common expenses such as public utilities, elevator maintenance fees, cleaning and other miscellaneous expenses involving the building. Collecting these fees can be be done digitally or we can send one of our agents to physically collect them regularly. We store and file all receipts involving the buildings we manage to ensure full transparency with our clients.

Participation in building meetings

We conduct and partake in building meetings that include the tenants to clear out any pending issues raised by them. We specialize in conflict management and make sure to keep a cooperative and friendly attitude with all of our clients.