About Us

Anastassiadis Group with more than 40 years of experience in the field of real estate, has carried out since 2016 over 5.000 successful sales and has in its portfolio the exclusive management of more than 2.000 properties. Over the years, we have worked systematically guided by the growth of our Group to be able to offer a full range of services in the assessment, development, utilization, exploitation and management of real estate as well as in the areas of insurance, assessments, construction, feasibility studies and finance investment. With continuous effort, we have managed to create an extensive network of consultants for the management of real estate and investment portfolios, real estate appraisers and insurers for the full and immediate service of each client individually with full personalization of services to their needs and guarantee of complete confidentiality.

Founded in 1977 by Dr. Ioannis Anastassiadis, a professor in Economics specialized in Real Estate management, Anastassiadis Group is one of the largest businesses in Greece.

Since 2016, we have assisted hundreds of investors and their families in obtaining their Golden Visa and managing their properties in Greece.

Our team possesses many years of experience and a rich academic background in Real Estate Management, Business Development, Marketing, Public Relations and Legal Fields.

With our main headquarters residing in Athens, Greece, cooperating closely with our branch offices that are located in Berlin, Beijing and New York, we have managed to create a wide and productive network of partners from over 200 different agencies from all over Europe, China and the U.S.

More than 200 company employees

Over 95% of our clients are satisfied with our services

More than 2.000 properties

Professional and trustworthy services

Close and long-lasting relationships

100% success rate obtaining Golden Visas

Meet our team

CEO & Founder

Dr. Ioannis Anastassiadis

CEO & Founder

Real Estate Market & Financial Evaluator

Management Team

Ypatia Alexaki

HR Manager & E.P.A.

Business Planning Specialist

Pavlos Lampsidis

Insurance Department Manager

Christina Apostolou

Property Manager

Olga Tsiachri

Client Relations Manager, Chinese Market

International Trade Analyst

Anas Al Refaiy

Business Development Manager, Arabian Market

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tatiana Golubkova

Business Development Manager, Central Europe

Public Relationships Specialist

Nikolaos Kofopoulos

Head Architect, RIBA III

Partner of ANASKO, Member of Anastassiadis Group

Giorgos Friligos

Sales Manager 

Real Estate Department

Evgenia Anastassiadou

Head of Leasing Department

Real Estate Economist

Maria Loumou

Head of Leasing Customer Service

Irini Houdala

Head of Real Estate Customer Service

Vasilis Botis

Real Estate Department Supervisor

Real Estate Evaluator

Afroditi Kalpaka

Real Estate Consultant

Business Administration

Dimitrios Mavroeidis

Hotels Executive Agent

Lymperidou Anastasia

Real Estate Agent

Dimitrios Mourelatos


Real Estate Agent

After-Sales Department

Petros Karapetros

After-Sales Supervisor

Ioanna Drakou

Property Management Supervisor


Gu Wei

Customer Services Supervisor, Chinese Market

Arina Pozdniuk

Customer Services Supervisor

Chinese Market 

Konstantina Giannouli

Back office

Building Management Department

Pavlina Polymeropoulou

Project Manager

Eustathius Kalampokis

Head of Building Management

Panagiotis Biris

Building Management Supervisor

Mining Engineer

Architectural Department

Nikolaos Kofopoulos

Head Architect

RIBA Chartered Architect

Athanasopoulou Georgina

Architect Engineer & Member of TEE

Master in Architecture Certified Building Energy Auditor

Tsakmakidis Dimitrios

Interior designer

Master in Reuses of buildings and complex

IT Department

Dionysios Pollatos

IT Manager

Information Engineer

Insurances Department

Pavlos Lampsidis

Insurance Department Manager

Anastasia Patsiantzi

Insurance Department


Accounting Department

George Balassis

Head of Accounting Department

Aggelos Katsaras


Panagiotis Sfetsios


Kostas Dalavigkas


Legal Department

Andreas Hantzis

Head of Legal Department


Aggeliki Patika

Legal Consultant


Foteini Ligka

Legal Consultant