Golden Visa is a form of residence visa with supplementary advantages, offered by many European countries as well as Greece. It is an investment that ensures visa-free travel to non-European investors and their families eliminating the problems with visas and standard conditions of visiting Schengen countries.

Since 2013, Greece has provided foreigners with the opportunity to get a residence permit by purchasing property worth 250,000 euros and more.


Acquisition of real estate in Greece will allow the following categories of property owners to obtain a Golden Visa:

  • Any non-EU national who acquires property worth € 250.000 or more, in their name
  • Any non-EU national who acquires property worth € 250.000 or more, in the name of a company or other entity of which the said non-EU national is the sole shareholder
  • A couple (husband and wife) of non-EU nationals who jointly buy property worth €250.000 or more. The stake each spouse buys needs not to be equal
  • Two or more non-EU nationals who buy property provided that the stake each of them acquires is worth € 250.000 or more
  • A non-EU national who has entered into a leasing contract for hotels or other tourist accommodation for a minimum term of ten (10) years, and provided that the lease is worth € 250.000 or more
  • A non-EU national who has entered into a time-sharing agreement for a minimum term of ten (10) years

When can someone apply to get a Golden Visa?
Prior to the application, the purchase process must have been completed (i.e. the Sale & Purchase Contract must have been registered and the relevant Registration Certificate must have been issued).

The Golden Visa can be valid indefinitely, provided every five years, the holder still owns the property.
Family members
The members of the buyer’s immediate family (spouse, children, parents, in-laws) are also entitled to a Residence Permit.
Issue process duration
Provided that all due documents are in order before submission, the Golden visa should be issued within two (2) months of submitting the application with supporting documents and provided the biometric process has been completed.
It needs to be clarified that the Golden Visa itself does not grant its holder the right to work in Greece. However, he/she can be a shareholder or stakeholder in a company based in Greece, as well as a member of its Board of Directors or Managing Director.
Greek Citizenship
Certain categories of Golden Visa holders are also granted the right to apply for and obtain Greek citizenship:
Golden Visa holders who reside in Greece permanently for seven (7) consecutive years.

  • Residence permits €250.000-Lowest threshold in Europe
  • Excellent investment opportunity due to low prices on properties. The Greek economy is bouncing back and shows signs of recovery from a ten-year economic crisis
  • Fast ROI, generating rental income from day one
  • Three generations can benefit from the investment of one applicant (spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law)
  • Visa-free traveling in Schengen Area (26 European countries)
  • Quick process and transparent procedure to get a Greek Golden Visa
  • A perfect holiday home in one of Europe’s most beautiful and historical countries
  • Right to apply for citizenship after permanently residing in Greece for 7 years
  • All kinds of properties allowed including land, offices, shops
  • No need for an interview with the authorities
  • No language test
  • No minimum stay
  • No requirements to reside in Greece
  • Benefit from the free public education and healthcare system