Anastassiadis Group is a local Real Estate, Investment, and Property Management company founded in 1977 in Greece by Mr. John Anastasiadis – CEO of Anastassiadis Group, and has more than 40 years of experience in Greek Real Estate market. Since the establishment of the company, we have assisted property investors -individual and corporate- from all around the world in obtaining residential and/or commercial properties in Greece.
Since 2015 we specialize in the Chinese market and are fully engaged with the Greek Golden Visa program. We have assisted hundreds of investors and their families in obtaining a Greek Golden Visa through real estate investment.

It is our philosophy to always prioritize high-quality personal service over everything else. Our diligent work, attention to detail, paired with personalized care and consideration for all of our clients is what has established us as one of the leading companies in Greece in this sector.

Our Mission:
Anastassiadis is a group of companies that are all focused on helping you get the Greek Golden Visa through real estate investment. By providing you, our client, with top quality services in property and by developing a close and long-standing relationship we aim at delivering the best solution for your needs in the most efficient way.

Our Companies:


Custom made properties proposals
When a client wishes to purchase a property in Greece (whether he is interested in obtaining a European residence permit or not) we present a selection of handpicked properties that comply with the preferences laid out by the client and return on investment expectations. Having a large portfolio of properties from all around the country we guarantee to find you the most suitable!

Guidance and consulting through the entire process
We have formed our services in a manner that allows us to help and support investors during the entire process of purchasing a property and acquiring a Golden Visa. We provide you with qualified assistance every step of the way, coordination with your lawyer, from the first consultation all the way to the acquisition of residence status and return on your investment.
A combination of the expertise of our realtors, investment and insurance consultants, and a skilled after-sales team is what will be needed in every step of the way.

Interior Design – Renovation of your property
From painting a wall to knocking one down, we can help. Our highly-skilled team of professionals —builders, plumbers, electricians, kitchen and bathroom designers, painters and decorators—can make sure their work meets your specifications.
Renovation at a distance can sound scary, but with Anastassiadis Group it can be a stress-free endeavor. We take care of it, and involve you as much or as little as you want.

In terms of interior design, we offer a full portfolio of services. We collaborate with the best artisans and interior designers in Athens and offer full renovation, decoration and repair services.

After sales support and Property management
We take pride in our after-sales service as we want our clients and their families to settle in the bought properties with ease. We also assist you in making the most out of your investment afterward by renting out and managing the property and any other need that might occur, on your behalf.